User Guide: Vista Manager SNMP Plug-in version 2.8.1

Welcome to the Vista Manager SNMP Plug-in User Guide

The Vista Manager SNMP plug-in provides a dashboard page that displays an overview of SNMP network management status. It allows you to auto-discover SNMP devices using ICMP broadcast, ICMP sequential, or specified IP address discovery. The log page displays status changes, SNMP traps, systems notifications, and other messages. Using the device and physical port views, you can display devices and ports in a tree or list format, with additional detailed information for devices.

Vista Manager SNMP plug-in is available as an optional plug-in for Windows-based Vista Manager EX installations.

Vista Manager EX™

Vista Manager EX is a graphical network monitoring and management tool for Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) networks. Vista Manager EX automatically creates a complete topology map from an AMF network of switches, firewalls and wireless access points (APs), showing areas and multiple levels of connected nodes and devices. Vista Manager EX facilitates simple management of many, or all, network devices from a dashboard that gives you a central overview of your network. From the dashboard you can monitor up-to-date network status, and take action to resolve any network problems.

Structure of this manual

This HTML manual covers the SNMP Plug-in features and how to use them. It is split into the following sections:

Screen LayoutExplains the basic screen layout of the SNMP Plug-in.
Operation ReferenceCovers the SNMP management facilities of the SNMP Plug-in.
Screen ReferenceCovers each management page in detail.
Server Configuration Explains how to use server tools, which are not available on web interface.

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